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"Our goal is to put the 'clean' in the dirty lifestyle. At Dirty Designs we know that when you look good, you feel good, and you do good. That is why we are committed to being your source for the newest clothing brand in the dirt sports industry. From the streets, to the track; we designed a brand you can look great in even in the dirtiest environments. Even though you may look clean; always LIVE LIFE DIRTY."




Zachary Buffaloe

Co-founder of Dirty Designs. Practically born into the motocross and racing industry, Zachary is very familiar to “living life dirty.” Zach spent most of his childhood on the road traveling to motocross races with his family, who had a professional race team.  Following many generations of family involvement in the sport, Zach races locally at the 'Florida Trail Riders' Hare Scramble races. Along with managing the everyday business at the company, Zach is in charge of Strategic Development and Public Relations at Dirty Designs.

Alexandra Mitten

Co-founder of Dirty Designs. Unlike Zach, Alex did not grow up in the motocross and racing industry, however she is not shy to the Dirty Designs lifestyle. Instead, the Arizona native grew up in the competitive horse industry and holds the title to multiple National and Regional Championships. Practically growing up in the dirt, she is no stranger to "living life dirty"and shifted her hobbies to include riding dirt bikes with Zach. Alex manages the everyday business at Dirty Designs and is head of Marketing and Design at the company.

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